Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Besides gardening, spring brings other things to our lives. 

Today it brings a very welcome light rain.  After all of the gardening, I'm more than happy to be indoors today with my sewing machine.  One day I'll deplete my stash by making clothing for myself, but not today. Alice has gotten 5 orders for crayon rolls from girls in her class.  If they were close friends I'd do it for free, but I don't really know these girls and it does take a bit of time to sew.

Spring also makes Grade 6'ers act like junior high students.  They are so ready to move on.  Laura is showing some independence lately.  Last week, she and her best friend wanted to go the zoo.  Not necessarily without me, but somehow I didn't feel exactly wanted.  I dropped them off with their cameras, snacks and books (to read in the sun and hang out), and they had a great time. 

Today she is spending a day shadowing another Grade 6 girl in the french immersion school she will attend next year.  Although shy and worried, I'm hoping she'll meet some friends and gain a bit of confidence so that she won't worry over the summer about the change.  It certainly helps that Beth loves it there and is doing so well. 

My kids amaze me with their ability to deal with public speaking and performance.  Beth was chosen earlier in the year as one of three out of 70 kids to represent her school grade at a French Oral Gala for Edmonton's Catholic Schools and did just great.  She'd never really spoken French before September, yet her pronounciation was selected as being among the best.  She wasn't nervous in front of hundreds of people and did really well.  I may have said this before, and it's okay to show a bit of pride, but I'm just so surprised how quickly she's caught on, how the new language hasn't really set her grades back, how it all seems so natural and easy to Beth. 

This weekend both Alice and Beth had their piano recitals and looked like they actually had fun.  When I was a kid (and still now) getting up in front of others to play or speak freaked me out.  I'm so glad they don't have that fear.  When Youtube finally loads the short clip, you can hear them play a short duet together. 

We also went to another funeral this weekend.  Yvon's aunts and uncles, although showing longevity, are getting older for sure and the funerals are getting more frequent.  This time it was a favourite aunt and we were able to spend time with his sister from the coast and sister-in-law as well.  Funerals aren't all about sadness.  It was good to see them. 

I think I have to go for a short walk before the rain stops totally and it still smells fresh and lilac-y out there. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Post Sale

Saturday was a very busy day for made by ev.  Rosa and I spent all day at the community hall selling our stuff and advertising her new business (check out {growing} wisdom to see what she's been doing).  We were much more restrained with our own money this time and didn't spend a bunch at the other stalls.  It's hard not to shop.  Especially when there are not many shoppers.  I do like to sit and meet some of our neighbours there though. 

I spent the evening with the same setup in the basement of another hall while upstairs women were enjoying massages and mani/pedis.  Sales were better in the evening, but it was a very long day.  I did make some money, but the best part of the whole evening occurred in the last half hour. 

At 11:00, as most vendors were packing up, two women asked if I had any necklaces that said "believe" or "fearless".   I didn't, but I offered to make them while they waited.  They both turned out really well, and the one lady was so touched that I was able to do that for her.  She was very spiritual and told me I was a gift and a blessing to be able to provide her with something that spoke to her heart.

I was the last one out of that hall last night.

Now I have a lot of product to sell.  I think I might have to set up an Etsy site to deplete some of that. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beaded Bookmarks

Originally we weren't sure what to do with these beaded creatures.  They were cute.  They were fun to make out of beads and thin wire.  But what were they?  We decided they would make adorable bookmarks and they do. 

The little gecko was one of our first.  He would have worked equally well as a zipper pull too, but we had to decide.  We didn't have the time to make zipper pulls, key chains AND bookmarks.  We are book lovers, so that's what won.

Two mermaids with twisty locks waving in the stormy seas.

And wouldn't the little lady make a great Mother's Day present from a young child?  Maybe this year your wife can recieve something besides the potted bean plant from school. 

Just a suggestion.  I, of course, always treasured my bean sprouts.  :-)

The stinky little skunks come on a leather bookmark,

or as a big paperclip bookmark.  This one also has a flower.

While the soft leather is a great tactile thing (I like to hold them while I read), I do like the simplicity of a paperclip too. 

 And they are all pretty.

And priced nice and low so kids can actually buy them for their moms or maybe as teacher's gifts.  June comes quicker than you ever anticipate. 

I know I can never have too many bookmarks.  So much nicer than the unused Kleenex or receipt that is often used around here.

Beaded bookmarks    $6

Friday, April 6, 2012


Please don't judge the apron by its model!  This is the cutest apron I've even had in my house and I might have to make one for me.  It ties behind the neck so that you can adjust it for your height.

This one is sort of flirty, with it's gathered bodice and ruffle on the bottom. 

I'll have a few more before next Saturday's sale.  If you're interested, keep watching here or come and visit me in person. 

Aprons    $25

New Crayon Rolls

Not all kids like crayons, although I still love the smell of them and they way they can blend.  However, my own children are getting older and they prefer using pencil crayons now.

So, I've made a few Pencil Crayon Rolls for the upcoming sale.   Pencil crayons are still on the school supply list in junior high, so these should have a longer useful life span than the wax crayon rolls (depending on their artistic preferences, I suppose).  

I don't know about you, but my experience is that you never ever use a pencil crayon until it's small.  My children seem to want a new set of crayons before that happens.  That may be because they lose their favourites.  These rolls will stop the loss.

Also, I just noticed that they sell short pencil crayons now.  That just makes sense to me, so I made a couple of rolls for the half-size pencil crayons. 

Full size pencil crayon roll (including 19 crayons)     $9

Half size pencil crayon roll (including 17 crayons)  $7

Friday, March 9, 2012


These are fun to make and more fun to decorate with. 

Imagine it with your child's name on it, or happy birthday, welcome home, home sweet home, congratulations, or "You Did It!" 

Or in whites and silver for a wedding or anniversary. 

I haven't personalized any but my own so far.  Mine will hang above my table at craft sales, and on the plain side in our bedroom between sales.  

Also available in warmer, country colours.


Bunting    16 triangles, 6 feet wide       $25